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EC136 2015 Nutrient Management Record Keeping Calendar  HTML
G2188 Water Wise: Managing Low-Capacity Private Drinking Water Wells During Drought  HTML  / PDF
G2218 Alternative Uses of Proso Millet  HTML  / PDF
Z1667 Bats in and Around Structures  HTML
Z1105 Controlling House Mice  HTML
Z887 Controlling Vole Damage  HTML
G1996S Crianza de los Hijos de una Distancia  HTML  / PDF
G2241 Cultural Matters - Strategies to Support Young Children's Social and Cultural Development  HTML  / PDF
Z1769 Dealing with Skunks  HTML
G2248 Economic Considerations for Preconditioning Calves for Feedlots  HTML  / PDF
G2229 European Corn Borer on Potato  HTML  / PDF
EC487 Expanded Learning Opportunities: Parent/Family Engagement Leader Guide  PDF
EC488 Expanded Learning Opportunities: Parent/Family Engagement Participant Guide  PDF
G2187 Fats in the Diet  HTML  / PDF
G2227 Landscape and Garden Plants Sample Submission to the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic  HTML  / PDF
EC1200 Master Gardener Series  HTML
G1983S Planes de Crianza por Separación o Divorcio de los Padres  HTML  / PDF
EC712 Potential (Reference) and Actual Evapotranspiration Trends across U.S. High Plains in Relation to Irrigation Development and Climate Change  PDF
EC1262 Rain Garden Design Site and Selection Guide  HTML  / PDF
HEF603 Social Networking Sites: What They Are and How to Navigate Them -- Participant Guide  PDF
EC863 U.S. Livestock Industry Trends and Nebraska's Roles  PDF
A10003 Water Meter Calculator  HTML

G2171 Animal Care Resource Guide for 4-H and FFA Members:
Animal Documents, Records, and Tests Needed Prior to Fairs and Exhibitions
G1693 Attending Fairs: Safeguarding Your Health and Nebraska's Livestock Industry  HTML  / PDF
G1692 Banned Mammalian Protein -- What Does it Mean?  HTML  / PDF
G1411 Biosecurity Basics for Cattle Operations and Good Management Practices (GMP) for Controlling Infectious Diseases  HTML  / PDF
G1694 Biosecurity: Protecting Your Health and the Health of Your Animals  HTML  / PDF
G1743 Dairy Cow Health and Metabolic Disease Relative to Nutritional Factors  HTML  / PDF
G1689 Guarding Against Contagious Livestock Diseases from Farm Visitors  HTML  / PDF
G1690 Information about Foot-and-Mouth Disease for Nebraska Residents  HTML  / PDF
G1445 Understanding Vaccines  HTML  / PDF
G1877 West Nile Virus Guidelines for Horse Owners  HTML  / PDF

G2174 Animal Care Resource Guide for 4-H and FFA Members:
Facts, Values, and Myths
G2177 Animal Care Resource Guide for 4-H and FFA Members:
Commonly Asked Questions
G2176 Animal Care Resource Guide for 4-H and FFA Members:
Communicating With the Public About the Care of Production Animals
G2175 Animal Care Resource Guide for 4-H and FFA Members:
Knowing the Livestock Lingo
G2160 Good Management Practices for Youth
G2162 Good Management Practices for Youth
Animal Handling
G2156 Good Management Practices for Youth
Feed and Nutrition
G2158 Good Management Practices for Youth
Frequent Monitoring for Health Concerns
G2161 Good Management Practices for Youth
Heat Stress
G2159 Good Management Practices for Youth
G2157 Good Management Practices for Youth
Shelter and Housing
G1500 Blending Grain and Feedstuffs - How to Figure the Proper Proportions  HTML  / PDF
EC727 Disposal Methods of Livestock and Poultry Mortality  PDF
G1847 Economic Indexes for Beef Sire Selection  HTML  / PDF
EC142 English to Spanish: A Guide for Communication in Livestock Operations  PDF
G1654 Feeding the Bovine Somatotropin (BST) Treated Dairy Cow  HTML  / PDF
G2092 How to Score Placing Classes For Livestock Judging  HTML  / PDF
G1948 Minimizing Livestock Plant Poisoning on Western Nebraska Rangelands  HTML  / PDF
EC866 Nebraska's Animal Agriculture: Economic Impacts of Cattle, Hog, Dairy, and Poultry Industry Changes  PDF
G1960 Pet Foods: How to Read Labels  HTML  / PDF

MP93 2010 Beef Cattle Report  PDF
MP94 2011 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report  PDF
MP95 2012 Beef Cattle Report  PDF
MP98 2013 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report  PDF
MP99 2014 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report  PDF
G425 2014 Nebraska Beef Report Summaries  HTML  / PDF
MP101 2015 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report  PDF
EC858 An Economic Overview of Ethanol Co-product Utilization in Nebraska  PDF
EC1907 Assisting the Beef Cow at Calving Time  PDF
EC841 Beef Cow Share Lease Agreements  PDF
G2252 Beef Feedlot Nitrogen Management  HTML  / PDF
G2018 Bloat Prevention and Treatment in Cattle  HTML  / PDF
EC281 Body Condition Scoring Beef Cows: A Tool for Managing the Nutrition Program for Beef Herds  PDF
G2077 Creep Feeding Beef Calves  HTML  / PDF
G2099 Crop Residues or Low Quality Hay Combined with Byproducts as a Forage Substitute  HTML  / PDF
G1856 DNA Tests for Genetic Improvement of Beef Cattle  HTML  / PDF
G2264 Effect of Grazing Double-Cropped Annual Forages on Soil and Crop Yields  PDF
G1967 EPD Basics and Definitions  HTML  / PDF
G2214 Feed Cost Cow-Q-Lator  HTML  / PDF
G2093 Feed Dry Matter Conversions  HTML  / PDF
G2036 Feed Value of Alternative Crops for Beef Cattle  HTML  / PDF
G2088 Feeder Cattle Price Slides  HTML  / PDF
G1293 Feedlot Abandonment  HTML  / PDF
G2055 Genetic Defects in Beef Cattle  HTML  / PDF
EC290 Grazing Cornstalks: A Decision Support Tool to Evaluate the Economics  PDF
EC278 Grazing Crop Residues with Beef Cattle  PDF
G2121 Heat Stress — What You Should Know to Make Livestock Shows a Success  HTML  / PDF
EC835 Hedging and Basis Considerations For Feeder Cattle Livestock Rick Protection Insurance  PDF
RB350 Heifer Breeding Maturity and Its Effects on Profitability: Nebraska Sandhills Beef Cattle  PDF
G2251 Impact of Feeding Byproducts on Nutrient Management  HTML  / PDF
EC850 Interpretation of the USDA Cattle on Feed Report  PDF
G2046 Limiting Feed Intake with Salt in Beef Cattle Diets  HTML  / PDF
EC848 Livestock Gross Margin Insurance: A Self-Study Guide  PDF
G2257 Livestock Risk Protection Insurance for Fed Cattle  PDF
G2237 Management Considerations for Beef Cows in Confinement  HTML  / PDF
G2047 Management of Early Weaned Calves  HTML  / PDF
G2057 Management, Health, and Nutritional Considerations for Weaning Calves  HTML  / PDF
G1409 Managing Feedlot Heat Stress  HTML  / PDF
G2250 Managing Manure Phosphorus from Feedlots  HTML  / PDF
G2095 Market Beef Performance Measures and Values  HTML  / PDF
EC288 Minerals and Vitamins for Beef Cows  PDF
MP100 Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports 1997-2015  PDF
EC857 Nebraska Cattle Budgets  PDF
EC847 Nebraska's Cattle Feeding Industry: Size, Structure and Related Industries  PDF
G1779 Nitrates in Livestock Feeding  HTML  / PDF
G2217 Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance: A Risk Management Tool for Hay and Livestock Producers  HTML  / PDF
G2215 Reducing Replacement Heifer Development Costs Using a Systems Approach  HTML  / PDF
G2094 Standardized Calculation and Interpretation of Basic Cow Herd Performance Measures  HTML  / PDF
G2172 Summer Annual Forages for Beef Cattle in Western Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
EC283 Synchronizing Estrus in Beef Cattle  PDF
G1892 Understanding and Using a Feed Analysis Report  HTML  / PDF
G2239 Using Sugarbeet Pulp in Rations for Beef Cows  HTML  / PDF
G2060 Water Requirements for Beef Cattle  HTML  / PDF
G2064 Wintering and Backgrounding of Calves  HTML  / PDF

EC715 Climate Change Impact on Air Temperature, Daily Temperature Range, Growing Degree Days, and Spring and Fall Frost Dates In Nebraska  PDF
G2208 Climate Change: What Does It Mean for Nebraska?  HTML  / PDF
G2108 Entering and Cleaning Up Flooded Homes: Protect yourself and your family during cleanup  HTML  / PDF
G1994 Estimating Crop Evapotranspiration from Reference Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficients  HTML  / PDF
EC716 Long-Term (1893-2012) Changes In Air Temperature, Relative Humidity and Vapor Pressure Deficit (Atmospheric Evaporative Demand) in Central Nebraska  PDF
EC717 Long-Term (1893-2012) Changes In Monthly, Growing Season, and Annual Precipitation Trends and Magnitudes in Central Nebraska  PDF
EC765 Magnitude and Trends of Reference Evapotranspiration Rates in South Central Nebraska  PDF
EC2003 Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Spatial and Temporal Variability of Reference (Potential) Evapotranspiration Across Nebraska  PDF
G2122 Soil Temperature: A Guide for Planting Agronomic and Horticulture Crops in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
EC2002 Spatial and Temporal Variability of Precipitation Across Nebraska  PDF
EC733 Variability of Reference Evapotranspiration Across Nebraska  PDF

G1440 77 Ways To Motivate Your Workers  HTML  / PDF
G2010 Setting Up Your Own Business: Financing Your Business  HTML  / PDF
G2007 Setting Up Your Own Business: Glossary of Financial Management Terms  HTML  / PDF
G2009 Setting Up Your Own Business: Monitoring the Health and Growth of your Business  HTML  / PDF
G2011 Setting Up Your Own Business: Planning Your Insurance Coverage  HTML  / PDF
G2008 Setting Up Your Own Business: Records and Bookkeeping  HTML  / PDF
G2118 Assessing a Community's "Readiness"  HTML  / PDF
G1481 Becoming a Servant Leader: Do You Have What it Takes?  HTML  / PDF
EC860 Benchmarking to Build Sustainable Communities: "Expect, Like and Love to See"  PDF
EC861 Benchmarking Worksheet: "Expect, Like and Love to See"  PDF
G2119 Building Social Capital  HTML  / PDF
G2116 Critical Thinking for Sustainable Community Decision Making: A Community Leadership Tool  HTML  / PDF
EC104 Estimating Construction Costs for a Low-Cost Quonset-style Greenhouse  PDF
G2114 Framing the Issue  HTML  / PDF
G1406 Full Range Leadership  HTML  / PDF
G1897 Going Green: A Practitioner's Guide for Nebraska Lodging Establishments  HTML  / PDF
G2026 Greening the Hospitality Industry  HTML  / PDF
G2028 How to Create an Effective Brochure  HTML  / PDF
G1695 Influence: The Essence of Leadership  HTML  / PDF
G2115 Managing Group Conflict  HTML  / PDF
Z100 Marketing AgriTourism Online  HTML
G2117 Mobilizing Human Resources  HTML  / PDF
G1776 Motivating Your Employees  HTML  / PDF
EC842 Nebraska Retail Sales 2005: An Alternative Analysis  PDF
G1858 Nebraska's Hospitality and Tourism Industries: An Introduction  HTML  / PDF
G1615 Nebraska's Tourism Lodging Tax: Estimating Tourism's Economic Impact  HTML  / PDF
HEF574 Promoting Cultural Understanding and Developing Cultural Competence -- Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF575 Promoting Cultural Understanding and Developing Cultural Competence -- Participant Manual  PDF
G1968 Responsibilities of Elected Officers  HTML  / PDF
G1829 Retaining Hourly Employees: Nebraska's Quick Service Restaurant Industry Dilemma  HTML  / PDF
EC843 Skills-Based Industrial Targeting: Matching Occupational Demand and Supply in Nebraska  PDF
EC495 Starting a New Business: Pre-Launch Research  PDF
G2043 Sustainable Community Collaboration Checklist  HTML  / PDF
EC859 Tailoring Rural Community Web Sites to New Residents  PDF
EC856 The Economic Impact of a Commercial Cattle Operation in a Rural Nebraska County  PDF
G1969 Understanding and Using Parliamentary Procedure  HTML  / PDF
EC849 Understanding Ethanol Plant Economics: Will Boom Turn Bust?  PDF
EC853 Understanding Persistent Poverty and Income Inequality in Nebraska  PDF
G2029 Using Social Media to Market Your Business  HTML  / PDF
EC478 Working with Groups: Generating Ideas, Making Decisions & Enhancing Communication  PDF

G2027 E-cycling  HTML  / PDF
HEF565 Easy on Energy: Tips for Conserving -- Participant's Manual  PDF
EC480 Easy on Energy: Tips for Using Energy Wisely in Homes  PDF
G2182 Economics of Solar Photovoltaic Systems  HTML  / PDF
G2031 Effective Graphic Design  HTML  / PDF
EC463S El Ahorro de Energía: Sugerencias para ahorrar energía y dinero en el hogar $1.25  HTML
G1949 Energy Actions for Renters to Save Dollars and Increase Comfort  HTML  / PDF
EC463 Energy Savers: Tips on Saving Energy and Money at Home $1.25  HTML
G2232 Energy‐Efficient Lighting  HTML  / PDF
G2061 Going Green: Be a Home Energy Manager  HTML  / PDF
G2231 Home Efficiency: Air Sealing  HTML  / PDF
G2235 Home Efficiency: Energy Efficiency  HTML  / PDF
G2234 Home Efficiency: Homeowners and Energy Codes  HTML  / PDF
G2233 Home Efficiency: Insulation  HTML  / PDF
G2230 Home Efficiency: Refrigerators  HTML  / PDF
HEF604 How Our Shopping Habits Help Predict the Future of Our Community -- Leader Guide  PDF
HEF605 How Our Shopping Habits Help Predict the Future of Our Community -- Participant Guide  PDF
G2067 Making Decisions: Energy and Home Appliances  HTML  / PDF
HEF592 Purchasing "Green" — What Does It Really Mean? Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF593 Purchasing "Green" — What Does it Really Mean? Participant's Guide  PDF
G2022 Questions to Ask When Considering a Small Wind Turbine  HTML  / PDF
CC435 RentWise Facilitator's Manual  HTML  / PDF
EC479 Save Home Energy by Stopping Air Leaks  PDF
HEF602 Social Networking Sites: What They Are and How to Navigate Them -- Leader Guide  PDF

EC864 Agriculture in the Nebraska Panhandle  PDF
G1407 Aphanomyces Root Rot of Sugarbeet  HTML  / PDF
EC702 Applications of Remote Sensing in Site-Specific Management: Precision Agriculture  PDF
EC711 Baling Corn Residue  PDF
G1754 Bee Pollination of Cucurbit Crops  HTML  / PDF
G2163 Certification Process for Organic Production  HTML  / PDF
G1516 Choosing the Right Tillage System for Row Crop Production  HTML  / PDF
G1943 Converting CRP to Cropland in the Nebraska Panhandle  HTML  / PDF
RB347 Corn Supply and Utilization in the United States, 2000-2004  PDF
G2146 Developing an Individual Farm Organic System Plan  HTML  / PDF
G551 Ecofarming: Spring Row Crop Planting and Weed Control in Winter Wheat Stubble  HTML  / PDF
G1429 Estimating Winter Wheat Grain Yields  HTML  / PDF
EC126 Evaluating Hail Damage to Corn  PDF
EC129 Evaluating Hail Damage to Grain Sorghum  PDF
EC128 Evaluating Hail Damage to Soybeans  PDF
EC105 Evaluation of Water Productivity and Irrigation Efficiency in Nebraska Corn Production  PDF
EC103 Fall Seed Guide 2013  PDF
G1857 False Root-Knot Nematode  HTML  / PDF
G1556 Farmer Research: Project Initiation and Implementation  HTML  / PDF
G1713 Fertilizer Management for Dry Edible Beans  HTML  / PDF
EC117 Fertilizer Suggestions For Corn  PDF
G1945 Fertilizing Proso Millet  HTML  / PDF
EC132 Freeze Injury to Nebraska Wheat  PDF
Z300 Grower’s Guide to On-Farm Research  HTML
G1702 Growing Safflower in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1846 Harvesting Crop Residues  HTML  / PDF
G1570 How to Spray a Field to Prevent Overlap and Reduce Drift Injury  HTML  / PDF
G1367 Irrigating Soybean  HTML  / PDF
G1850 Irrigation Management for Corn  HTML  / PDF
G1648 Managing Corn and Grain Sorghum Residues During the Pre-Winter Wheat Fallow Period  HTML  / PDF
G1830 Micronutrient Management in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1551 Multiple-Year Droughts in Nebraska  PDF
G1669 Nutrient Management Suggestions for Grain Sorghum  HTML  / PDF
EC187 Pea Production in the High Plains  PDF
EC825 Pinto and Great Northern Bean Prices: Historical Trends and Seasonal Patterns  PDF
G1757 Planting and Harvesting Information for Nebraska Crops  HTML  / PDF
G2211 Planting Winter Wheat in Dry Soil  HTML  / PDF
EC2004 Precision Agriculture -- Best Management Practices for Collecting Accurate Yield Data and Avoiding Errors during Harvest  PDF
EC137 Producing and Marketing Proso Millet in the Great Plains $3.50  HTML  / PDF
EC731 Producing Irrigated Winter Wheat  PDF
G2219 Proso Millet Varieties for Western Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2068 Recommended Seeding Rates and Hybrid Selection for Rainfed (Dryland) Corn in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1762 Ridge Plant Systems: Weed Control  HTML  / PDF
G2226 Row Crops Sample Submission to the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic  HTML  / PDF
G2216 Row Spacing and Seeding Rate Recommendations for Corn in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
EC706 Satellite-Based Auto-Guidance  PDF
G2056 Seeding Rates for Winter Wheat in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2206 Selecting Winter Wheat Cultivars for Organic Production  HTML  / PDF
EC705 Site-Specific Management of Soil pH (FAQ)  PDF
EC163 Site-Specific Nitrogen Management for Irrigated Corn  PDF
G1976 Skip-Row Planting of Grain Sorghum for Improved Drought Tolerance  HTML  / PDF
G1970 Soil Fertility Considerations for Land Coming Out of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)  HTML  / PDF
EC154 Soil Sampling for Precision Agriculture  PDF
EC145 Soybean Planting Date - When and Why  PDF
G1459 Sugarbeet Nutrient Management  HTML  / PDF
EC156 Sugarbeet Production Guide $50.00  HTML
G2076 Sugarbeet Production in Nebraska: An Abbreviated History  HTML  / PDF
G1865 The Use and Pricing of Drought-Stressed Corn  HTML  / PDF
G2145 Transitioning to Organic Farming  HTML  / PDF
G2120 University of Nebraska–Lincoln Organic Farming Research  HTML  / PDF
EC157 Untangling the GPS Data String  PDF
G361 Using Starter Fertilizers for Corn, Grain Sorghum, and Soybeans  HTML  / PDF
EC197 Using Winter Wheat Yield Data to Improve Variety Selection  PDF
EC708 Weed Targeting Herbicide Management: Precision Agriculture $2.00  PDF
EC106 Yield Gaps and Input-Use Efficiency of High-Yield Irrigated Corn in Nebraska  PDF

G819 At What Weight Should Holstein Heifers Freshen?  HTML  / PDF
G1664 Can You Afford to Use Bovine Somatrophin (Bovine Growth Hormone)?  HTML  / PDF
G1666 Dairy 10-Point Quality Control Program -- Mastitis Treatment Records  HTML  / PDF
G2034 Dairy Farm Income and Cash Flow Calculations  HTML  / PDF
G1662 Developing Dairy Heifer Rearing Expenses  HTML  / PDF
G952 Estrus (Heat) Detection Guidelines  HTML  / PDF
G1585 Examples of Job Descriptions for Major Positions on Dairy Farms  HTML  / PDF
G1358 Feeding to Maximize Milk Protein and Fat Yields  HTML  / PDF
G1659 Genetics and Management of Sound Feet and Legs in Dairy Animals  HTML  / PDF
G1114 Hiring Nonskilled Dairy Farm Personnel  HTML  / PDF
G1583 How to Body Condition Score Dairy Animals  PDF
G1999 How to Formulate Lactating Dairy Rations to Include Corn Milling Co-Products  HTML  / PDF
G1657 How to Interpret and Use the ProStaph 1(TM) Test  HTML  / PDF
G1656 How to Interpret the DHIA 520 Somatic Cell Count Profile  HTML  / PDF
G1578 How to Interview a Prospective Employee and Complete the I-9 Form  PDF
G1665 How to Maximize Income By Managing Days Dry  HTML  / PDF
G1582 How to Reduce Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle  HTML  / PDF
G1658 How to Use the National Genetic Evaluations for Somatic Cell Scores  HTML  / PDF
G1980 Inbreeding: Effect on Milk Production Reduction  HTML  / PDF
G1660 Managing Dairy Cattle for Cow Comfort and Maximum Intake  HTML  / PDF
G1584 Managing Dairy Labor  PDF
G1661 Milk Urea Nitrogen Testing  HTML  / PDF
MP68 Nebraska Dairy Report 1997-1998  PDF
MP78 Nebraska Dairy Report 2001-2002  PDF
MP74 Nebraska Dairy Report, 1999-2000  PDF
MP82 Nebraska Dairy Report, 2003-2004  PDF
G1975 Nebraska — An Opportunity for Dairy Expansion and Relocation  HTML  / PDF
G331 Sampling Feeds for Analyses  HTML  / PDF
G1655 Should You Consider Expanding Your Dairy Herd?  HTML  / PDF
G1663 What Management Practices Are High Producing Dairy Herds Using?  HTML  / PDF

G2025 Controlling Pond Plant Growth with Bottom Barriers  HTML  / PDF
A2212 GrassSnap: A Mobile App for Monitoring Grasslands  HTML

G1881 Creating a Strong Family: American Family Strengths Inventory  HTML  / PDF
G1834 Creating a Strong Family: Appreciation and Affection -- Developing an Emotional Bond  HTML  / PDF
G1839 Creating a Strong Family: Commitment -- The Importance of Fostering Community  HTML  / PDF
G1886 Creating A Strong Family: Effective Management of Stress and Crisis  HTML  / PDF
G1882 Creating A Strong Family: Enjoyable Time Together: A Journey of Happy Memories  HTML  / PDF
G1887 Creating A Strong Family: How To Be Nice  HTML  / PDF
G1838 Creating a Strong Family: Listening and Speaking from the Heart  HTML  / PDF
G1883 Creating a Strong Family: Looking at Life From a Family Strengths Perspective  HTML  / PDF
G1836 Creating a Strong Family: Positive Communication -- Life As A Soap Opera  HTML  / PDF
G1835 Creating a Strong Family: Positive Communication -- Wants Never End  HTML  / PDF
G1888 Creating A Strong Family: Positive Communication: Smoothing Out The Bumps  HTML  / PDF
G1884 Creating a Strong Family: Spiritual Well-Being: Sacred Connections  HTML  / PDF
G1889 Creating a Strong Family: Talking About Religion and Spirituality in Families  HTML  / PDF
G1833 Creating a Strong Family: The Greatest Gift a Father Can Give His Children  HTML  / PDF
G1837 Creating a Strong Family: We are One  HTML  / PDF
G1885 Creating A Strong Family: What is a Strong Family, Anyway?  HTML  / PDF
G1890 Creating a Strong Family: Why are Families so Important?  HTML  / PDF
G2129 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Differences Are Inevitable: How to Resolve Conflicts  HTML  / PDF
G2144 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Education and Therapy for Couples and Families  HTML  / PDF
G2124 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Families Across the Lifespan: The Normal, To-Be-Expected, Satisfactions and Challenges Couples and Families Experience  HTML  / PDF
G2131 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Friendship, Love, and Sexual Intimacy  HTML  / PDF
G2134 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: His Work and Her Work: Roles Partners Play and Power in the Relationship  HTML  / PDF
G2139 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: How Children Serve to Deepen a Couple's Marital Bond  HTML  / PDF
G2143 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: How Couples Can Ensure a Meaningful and Happy Life Together  HTML  / PDF
G2133 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Love, Jealousy, and Abuse  HTML  / PDF
G2137 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Money and Marital Happiness  HTML  / PDF
G2127 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Positive Communication and the Development of Emotional Intimacy  HTML  / PDF
G2132 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Sexual Intimacy and Emotional Intimacy  HTML  / PDF
G2138 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Staying Connected with Your Partner after the Advent of Children into the Family  HTML  / PDF
G2142 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Stepfamilies: Can Different Family Cultures Be Blended Together?  HTML  / PDF
G2141 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Through Thick and Thin: Loving Each Other When Hard Times Come  HTML  / PDF
G2135 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Values, Beliefs, Behaviors, and Cultural Differences  HTML  / PDF
G2126 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: What Are Our Strengths as a Couple? How Can We Build on Them?  HTML  / PDF
G2140 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Why Did We Get Married Anyway? What to Do When Passion Fades  HTML  / PDF
G2125 Getting Connected, Staying Connected: You Don't Marry an Individual, You Marry a Family: Successfully Merging Two Individuals from Different Family Cultures  HTML  / PDF
G2130 Getting Connected, Staying Connected The Truth About Anger  HTML  / PDF
G2105 Ages and Stages: 2- and 3-Year-0lds  HTML  / PDF
G2106 Ages and Stages: 3-, 4- and 5-Year-Olds  HTML  / PDF
G2104 Ages and Stages: Toddler (12-24 Months)  HTML  / PDF
G2103 Ages and Stages: Infant (0-12 Months)  HTML  / PDF
G1596 Alternatives to Guardianship  HTML  / PDF
G1791S Apoyo a niños de un divorcio: Guía para cuidadores  HTML  / PDF
HEF572 Band Together for Strength - Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF573 Band Together for Strength - Participant's Guide  PDF
G2198 Brain Development and Learning in the Primary Years  HTML  / PDF
HEF582 Bullying and Victimization: What Adults Can Do To Help (Leader Guide)  PDF
HEF583 Bullying and Victimization: What Adults Can Do To Help (Participant Guide)  PDF
G1988 CAR — A Strategy for Learning  HTML  / PDF
G1309 Child Abuse: A Painful Secret  HTML  / PDF
G2005 Communicating With Families: Communicating with Families of Infants  HTML  / PDF
G2004 Communicating With Families: Communication Techniques  HTML  / PDF
G2001 Communicating with Families: Building Relationships  HTML  / PDF
G2209S Cómo el divorcio afecta a los niños: Las etapas del desarrollo  HTML  / PDF
G1818 Consequences Teach Responsibility  HTML  / PDF
G2242 Cultural Matters - Strategies to Support your Preschool Child's Social and Cultural Development  HTML  / PDF
G1903 Cyberbullying  HTML  / PDF
G1594 Decision Making as a Guardian  HTML  / PDF
EC403 Discovery Neighborhood  HTML
G2210 Divorce Through the Eyes of Adolescents  HTML  / PDF
G1992 Early Literacy Checklist — Classroom  HTML  / PDF
G1991 Early Literacy Checklist — In the Home  HTML  / PDF
G2210S El divorcio a ojos de los adolescentes  HTML  / PDF
EC490 Expanded Learning Opportunities: Engaging Intergenerational Volunteers Leader Guide  PDF
EC491 Expanded Learning Opportunities: Engaging International Volunteers Participant Guide  PDF
EC486 Expanded Learning Opportunities: Experiential Learning Leader Guide  HTML  / PDF
EC485 Expanded Learning Opportunities: Experiential Learning Participant Guide  PDF
EC483 Expanded Learning Opportunities: Managing Risks Leader Guide  PDF
EC484 Expanded Learning Opportunities: Managing Risks Participant Guide  PDF
EC489 Expanded Learning Opportunities: Youth to Youth Positive Interactions  PDF
G1722 Family Journals  HTML  / PDF
G1751 Friendships, Peer Influence and Peer Pressure During the Teen Years  HTML  / PDF
EB4 Getting Connected, Staying Connected — Loving Each Other Day by Day  HTML
G2123 Getting Connected, Staying Connected:The World Couples and Families Live In Today  HTML  / PDF
G1597 Guardianship of a Minor  HTML  / PDF
G1592 Guardianship Responsibilities to the Court  HTML  / PDF
G1593 Guardianship Responsibilities to the Ward  HTML  / PDF
G1595 Guardianship/Conservatorship Financial Responsibilities  HTML  / PDF
G2016 Helping Children Resolve Conflict: Aggressive Behavior of Children  HTML  / PDF
G2014 Helping Children Resolve Conflict: Conflict Mediation Model  HTML  / PDF
G2015 Helping Children Resolve Conflict: Pitfalls to Avoid During Conflict Mediation  HTML  / PDF
G1715 High-Risk Behaviors in Youth  HTML  / PDF
HEF578 Housing Options for Today and Tomorrow Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF579 Housing Options for Today and Tomorrow Participant's Guide  PDF
G2209 How Divorce Affects Children: Developmental Stages  HTML  / PDF
HEF590 How Strong Families Manage Stress and Crisis Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF591 How Strong Families Manage Stress and Crisis Participant's Guide  PDF
G1717 How to Say Yes, How to Say No  HTML  / PDF
G1989 Infants and Toddlers -- Developing More Than One Language  HTML  / PDF
G1984 Infants Develop Language Naturally  HTML  / PDF
G1771 It's About Time: Time Management Simplified  HTML  / PDF
HEF608 Keeping Children Moving, Active, and Healthy Leader Guide  PDF
HEF609 Keeping Children Moving, Active, and Healthy Participant Guide  PDF
MP87 Kids Talk About Divorce—Adolescent Edition $10.00  HTML
G1594S La Toma de Decisiones como Tutor/Curador  HTML  / PDF
G1597S La Tutela de un Menor  HTML  / PDF
G1596S Las alternativas a la Tutela  HTML  / PDF
G1593S Las Responsabilidades de la Tutela al Pupilo  HTML  / PDF
G1592S Las Responsabilidades de la Tutela/Curatela al Tribunal  HTML  / PDF
G1595S Las Responsabilidades Económicas para un Tutor/Curador  HTML  / PDF
G1735 Listening With Your Heart  HTML  / PDF
HEF614 Little Kids Cook! Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF615 Little Kids Cook! Participant's Guide  PDF
HEF585 Make Sure It's Done the Way You Want: Advance Directives - Participant's Guide  PDF
HEF584 Make Sure It's the Way You Want: Advance Directives - Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF600 Making it Happen!: Building Positive Relationships With Children — Leader Guide  PDF
HEF601 Making it Happen!: Building Positive Relationships With Children — Participant Guide  PDF
G1824 Making Time for Work and Play  HTML  / PDF
G1804 Manage Anger for a Healthy Life  HTML  / PDF
G1696 Managing Conflict In Everyday Life  HTML  / PDF
G2199 Materials and Environments that Promote Learning in the Primary Years  HTML  / PDF
RB348 Nebraska Family Demographics of the Multi-State Project "Rural Low-income Families: Monitoring the Well-being and Functioning in the Context of Welfare Reform"  PDF
G1840 Open the Door to Good Communication  HTML  / PDF
HEF606 Option A or Option B: The Steps of the Decision Making Process - Leader Guide  PDF
HEF607 Option A or Option B: The Steps of the Decision Making Process - Participant Guide  PDF
G1806 Our Relationship ... And Communicating Effectively  HTML  / PDF
G1810 Our Relationship ... And Managing the Farm/Business  HTML  / PDF
G1807 Our Relationship ... And Parenting  HTML  / PDF
G1808 Our Relationship ... And Parenting Through Conflict  HTML  / PDF
G1809 Our Relationship ... And Working Together With Extended Family  HTML  / PDF
G1805 Our Relationship ... Making It Stronger  HTML  / PDF
G1996 Parenting from a Distance  HTML  / PDF
G1983 Parenting Plans for Separating or Divorcing Parents  HTML  / PDF
G1733 Parenting Your Child Effectively: Change Surroundings Instead of Behavior  HTML  / PDF
G1730 Parenting Your Child Effectively: Focus On "Do"  HTML  / PDF
G1728 Parenting Your Child Effectively: Give Choices  HTML  / PDF
G1725 Parenting Your Child Effectively: Give Safe, Understandable Limits  HTML  / PDF
G1732 Parenting Your Child Effectively: Help Children Feel Lovable and Capable  HTML  / PDF
G1727 Parenting Your Child Effectively: Look At The Whole Picture  HTML  / PDF
G1731 Parenting Your Child Effectively: My Parenting Style  HTML  / PDF
G1729 Parenting Your Child Effectively: My Plan To Improve Parent-Child Relationships  HTML  / PDF
G1726 Parenting Your Child Effectively: Set A Good Example  HTML  / PDF
G1734 Parenting Your Child Effectively: Work With, Not Against, Your Child  HTML  / PDF
G2200 Play and Learning in the Primary Years  HTML  / PDF
G1878 Protecting Children Online  HTML  / PDF
G1987 Relationships: The Heart of Language and Literacy  HTML  / PDF
CC433 RentWise Renter's Workbook/Organizer  HTML
G1986 Sharing Songs, Stories and Books  HTML  / PDF
EC493 Skills for Life  HTML  / PDF
G1716 Strengthening the Couple Relationship  HTML  / PDF
G1817 Successful Transitions for High Conflict Families  HTML  / PDF
G1791 Supporting Children of Divorce: Guidelines for Caregivers  HTML  / PDF
EC476 Supporting Stepfamilies  PDF
G1990 Symbols in Literacy Development  HTML  / PDF
G2202 The Importance of Outdoor Experiences in the Primary Years  HTML  / PDF
HEF594 The Learning Child: Keys to Enhancing Learning Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF595 The Learning Child: Keys to Enhancing Learning Participant's Guide  PDF
G1985 The Power of Family Literacy  HTML  / PDF
G2201 The Role of Relationships in Primary Years  HTML  / PDF
G1772 Thirteen Timely Tips for More Effective Time Management  HTML  / PDF
G1817S Transiciones con éxito para familias altamente conflictivas  HTML  / PDF
G1803 Understanding Grief and Death  HTML  / PDF
G1701 Understanding the Physical Changes of Puberty  HTML  / PDF
G1591 What is Guardianship?  HTML  / PDF
G1825 What's So "Grand" About Grand Parenting?  HTML  / PDF
G1812 When Words Are Used As Weapons: The Signs of Verbal Abuse  HTML  / PDF
G1811 When Words Are Used As Weapons: Verbal Abuse  HTML  / PDF
G1814 When Words Are Used As Weapons: Verbal Abuse (For Use With Youth)  HTML  / PDF
G1813 When Words Are Used As Weapons: What Can I Do?  HTML  / PDF
G1750 Youth Volunteerism  HTML  / PDF
G1591S ¿Qué es la Tutela?  HTML  / PDF

G1849 Air Properties: Temperature and Relative Humidity  HTML  / PDF
EC303 Constructing a Block and Fence Growing Bench for use with a Capillary Mat Irrigation System for Greenhouse Plant Production  PDF
EC710 Management of In-Bin Natural Air Grain Drying Systems to Minimize Energy Cost  PDF

EC823 2014 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates - Part I  PDF
EC826 2014 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates - Part II  PDF
EC872 2015 Nebraska Crop Budgets  PDF
A10002 Agriculture Irrigation Costs App  HTML
EC883 Crop and Livestock Prices for Nebraska Producers  PDF
RB349 Farm Real Estate Ownership Transfer Patterns in Nebraska's Panhandle Region  PDF
EC862 Flexible Cash Leasing of Cropland  PDF
A10001 Irrigation Pumping Plant Efficiency Calculator App  HTML
EC704 Listening to the Story Told by Yield Maps: Precision Agriculture  PDF
G1971 Livestock Indemnity Program Under the 2008 Farm Bill  HTML  / PDF
G1723 Livestock Risk Protection Insurance  HTML  / PDF
EC865 Market and Financial Outlook for Production Agriculture in Nebraska  PDF
EC846 Nebraska Cash Corn Prices and Basis Patterns  PDF
EC845 Nebraska Cash Soybean Prices and Basis Patterns  PDF
EC844 Nebraska Cash Wheat Prices and Basis Patterns  PDF
RB351 Supply and Utilization of Corn in the United States, by State, 2004-2010  HTML  / PDF

G2044 Calibration of Sprayers (Also Seeders)  HTML  / PDF
G1756 Fine-tuning a Sprayer with the Ounce Calibration Method  HTML  / PDF
EC141 Nozzles — Selection and Sizing  PDF
G2091 Spray Boom Set-up on Field Sprayers  HTML  / PDF

G1703 Assessing the Need for Long-Term Care Insurance  HTML  / PDF
G1925 Before You Invest  HTML  / PDF
G1764 Budgeting Systems When There Are Two Earners in the Household  HTML  / PDF
G2074 Budgeting: The Basics and Beyond for College Students  HTML  / PDF
G1802 Credit Advantages, Disadvantages and Common Types  HTML  / PDF
G1801 Credit Cards: Applications and Choosing the Best Card  HTML  / PDF
G1800 Credit Cards: Types and Rights  HTML  / PDF
G1799 Credit Files and Who Uses This Information  HTML  / PDF
G1798 Credit Scams, Contracts and the Law  HTML  / PDF
G1936 Cutting Family Clothing and Personal Care Expenses  HTML  / PDF
G1934 Cutting Family Debt Payments  HTML  / PDF
G1933 Cutting Family Food Expenses: 16 Tips That Can Total Big Bucks  HTML  / PDF
G1932 Cutting Family Housing and Utility Expenses  HTML  / PDF
G1935 Cutting Family Insurance Expenses  HTML  / PDF
G1937 Cutting Family Transportation, Recreation, Health Care, and Other Expenses  HTML  / PDF
G2072 Farm and Ranch Family Living Expenses--Taking Control  HTML  / PDF
G1797 Figuring the True Cost (APR) of Credit  HTML  / PDF
G1930 File It Easy, Find It Fast: Filing System Operating Tips  HTML  / PDF
G1929 File It Easy, Find It Fast: Setup Suggestions for Home Filing Systems  HTML  / PDF
G1928 File It Easy, Find It Fast: What to File, Where, and For How Long  HTML  / PDF
G2071 How Much College Debt is Too Much?  HTML  / PDF
G1927 How to Balance a Checkbook  HTML  / PDF
G2098 Investing for Education  HTML  / PDF
G2097 Investing for Retirement  HTML  / PDF
EC481 Investment Alternatives  PDF
HEF588 Living Resourcefully: Finding Ways to Help Your Dollars Go Further - Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF589 Living Resourcefully: Finding Ways to Help Your Dollars Go Further - Participant's Guide  PDF
HEF570 Long Term Care: What Is It, Where Do You Get It and How Do You Pay For It? -- Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF571 Long Term Care: What Is It, Where Do You Get It and How Do You Pay For It? -- Participant Manual  PDF
G1788 Money Wise Children: Learning By Doing  HTML  / PDF
G1777 Negotiating With Creditors  HTML  / PDF
G1789 Planning and Tracking Income and Expenses Through Time: Cash Flow Planning  HTML  / PDF
G1767 Protect Your Credit and Identity  HTML  / PDF
G1926 Record Keeping for Money Management  HTML  / PDF
G1790 Setting Reasonable Debt Limits  HTML  / PDF
G1827 Solving Financial Problems  HTML  / PDF
G1763 Starting an Investment Club  HTML  / PDF
G1765 Starting on the Road to Financial Security: Setting Financial Goals  HTML  / PDF
G2073 Talking Money with Your New College Student  HTML  / PDF
G1787 Teaching Your Children About Money  HTML  / PDF
G1831 The Four Financial Phases of Retirement  HTML  / PDF
G1793 Using Credit Cards Wisely  HTML  / PDF
G1794 Using Debit Cards Wisely  HTML  / PDF
G1795 When to Use Credit and How Much You Can Afford  HTML  / PDF
G1796 Who Gives Credit and How Do They Decide  HTML  / PDF
G1894 Your Credit Report  HTML  / PDF

G1863 A Healthy Lifestyle with Probiotics and Prebiotics  HTML  / PDF
EC442 Adjusting Recipes to Meet Dietary Guidelines  PDF
G2048 Are You a Nutritious Grill Master?  HTML  / PDF
HEF586 Bite When the Temperature is Right Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF587 Bite When the Temperature is Right Participant's Guide  PDF
HEF598 Chocolate--A Functional Food? -- Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF599 Chocolate--A Functional Food? -- Participant's Guide  PDF
G2147 Commonsense Guidelines for Healthy Women  HTML  / PDF
G1707 Consumer Food Safety Thermometer  HTML  / PDF
G1644 Dining Out: How to Make Healthier Choices  HTML  / PDF
HEF580 Fitting in the Fiber -- Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF581 Fitting in the Fiber -- Participant's Guide  PDF
G2204 Food for Babies  HTML  / PDF
G1816 Food Preservation, Safety, and Shelf Life Extension: Food Processing for Entrepreneurs Series  HTML  / PDF
G1233 Food Safety for Child Care Facilities  HTML  / PDF
G1706 Food Safety for Farmer's Markets  HTML  / PDF
G1708 Food Safety for Temporary Food Service Establishments  HTML  / PDF
G1232 Food Safety Self-Inspection for Child Care Facilities  HTML  / PDF
G1709 Food Safety Self-Inspection Form  HTML  / PDF
EC446 Food Storage  PDF
G1710 Frequently Asked Questions about Food Irradiation  HTML  / PDF
G1604 Fruit Jellies: Food Processing for Entrepreneurs Series  HTML  / PDF
G2020 Good Agricultural Practices for Food Safety of Fresh Produce  HTML  / PDF
G2040 Good Nutrition at Farmers Markets  HTML  / PDF
G2110 Healthy Eating and Lifestyle for the Later Years  HTML  / PDF
G2041 Healthy Living in Tough Economic Times  HTML  / PDF
HEF596 Healthy Meal Planning on a Budget  PDF
HEF597 Healthy Meal Planning on a Budget  PDF
G1974 How Much Sodium Are You Eating?  HTML  / PDF
G1604S Jaleas de Frutas  HTML  / PDF
EC494 Let's FightBAC!  PDF
EC443 Let's Preserve: Fermented and Pickled Foods  PDF
EC436 Let's Preserve: Fruit and Fruit Products  PDF
EC437 Let's Preserve: Tomatoes and Tomato Products  PDF
EC435 Let's Preserve: Vegetables and Vegetable Products  PDF
EC434 Let's Preserve: Canning Basics  PDF
EC448 Let's Preserve: Jams, Jellies and Preserves  PDF
EC450 Let's Preserve: Meat, Poultry, Fish and Seafood  PDF
G1815 Maintenance in a Food Manufacturing Facility: Keeping a Sanitary Process Environment during Repairs - Food Processing for Entrepreneurs Series  HTML  / PDF
HEF610 Microwave It! (Leader Guide)  HTML  / PDF
HEF611 Microwave It! (Participant Guide)  HTML  / PDF
G1611 MyPlate: Dairy Group  HTML  / PDF
G1606 MyPlate: Fruit Group  HTML  / PDF
G1607 MyPlate: Grains Group  HTML  / PDF
G1612 MyPlate: Protein Foods Group  HTML  / PDF
G1605 MyPlate: Vegetable Group  HTML  / PDF
G2207 Nutrient Recommendations for Adults  HTML  / PDF
G1086 Nutrition for the School-Aged Child  HTML  / PDF
G2032 Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids  HTML  / PDF
G1901 Safe Handling Practices for Fresh Produce in Foodservice Operations  HTML  / PDF
G2102 Smarter Snacking  HTML  / PDF
G1973 Standard Operating Procedure for E. coli O157:H7 Sampling of Beef Lean Trim  HTML  / PDF
G1972 Standard Operating Procedure for E.coli O157:H7 Sampling on Beef Carcasses  HTML  / PDF
G1634 Stevia  HTML  / PDF
G2065 Sucralose (Splenda®)  HTML  / PDF
G2253 Sustainable Seafood Consumption  PDF
G1458 Sweeteners  HTML  / PDF
G2085 Taking Action: 10 Steps for Healthy Weight Management in Adults  HTML  / PDF
G1981 Upper Safe Levels of Intake for Adults: Vitamins and Minerals  HTML  / PDF
G918 Water: The Nutrient  HTML  / PDF
HEF612 What’s in your Drink? Making Healthier Choices Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF613 What’s in your Drink? Making Healthier Choices Participant's Guide  PDF

G1195 Care of Newly Planted Trees  HTML  / PDF
G2042 Determining the Need to Fertilize Landscape Trees and Shrubs  HTML  / PDF
EC1778 Field Windbreaks  PDF
EC1763 How Windbreaks Work  PDF
EC1774 Trees of Nebraska  PDF
EC1764 Windbreak Establishment  PDF
EC1768 Windbreak Management  PDF
EC1777 Windbreak Renovation  PDF
EC1771 Windbreaks and Wildlife  PDF
EC1779 Windbreaks for Fruit and Vegetable Crops  PDF
EC1766 Windbreaks for Livestock Operations  PDF
EC1767 Windbreaks for Rural Living  PDF
EC1770 Windbreaks for Snow Management  PDF
EC1772 Windbreaks in Sustainable Agricultural Systems  PDF

G1781 Basics of Feeding Horses: Feeding Management  HTML  / PDF
G1403 Basics of Feeding Horses: Reading the Feed Tag  HTML  / PDF
G1875 Basics of Feeding Horses: What to Feed and Why  HTML  / PDF
G1966 Dealing with Unwanted Horses in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1872 Feeding and Care of Orphaned Foals  HTML  / PDF
G1874 Foaling Mare, The  HTML  / PDF
G1876 Housing for Horses: Flooring for Stalls  HTML  / PDF
EC285 Nutrition Management of Pregnant and Lactating Mares  PDF
G1540 Selecting the "Right" Horse for Youth or Adults  HTML  / PDF
G2039 Tips for New Horse Owners  HTML  / PDF
EC271 Understanding Mare Reproduction  PDF
G1873 Winter Care for Horses  HTML  / PDF

G954 A Guide for Managing Poultry Insects  HTML  / PDF
G1627 A Guide to Grasshopper Control in Cropland  HTML  / PDF
G1633 A Guide to Grasshopper Control in Yards and Gardens  HTML  / PDF
G1630 A Guide to Grasshopper Control on Rangeland  HTML  / PDF
EC1577 Alfalfa Insect II  PDF
EC1576 Alfalfa Insects I  PDF
G1951 Bagworms  HTML  / PDF
EC301 Bee Aware: Protecting Pollinators from Pesticides  PDF
EC1578 Beneficial Insects I  PDF
EC1579 Beneficial Insects II  PDF
EC1565 Biology and Management of Potato Insects  PDF
EC1580 Borers of Shade Trees and Woody Ornamentals  PDF
G1738 Carpenter Ant Management  HTML  / PDF
G1284 Cereal Aphids  HTML  / PDF
G806 Chinch Bug Management  HTML  / PDF
G1952 Chinch Bugs in Buffalograss and Zoysiagrass Turf  HTML  / PDF
G521 Common Stalk Borer in Corn  HTML  / PDF
G1153 Corn Cutworms  HTML  / PDF
EC1562 Corn Insect Quick Reference Guide  PDF
EC1572 Corn Insects I $1.00  PDF
EC1573 Corn Insects II $1.00  PDF
G2228 False Chinch Bug on Potato  HTML  / PDF
G1782 First Generation European Corn Borer Scouting and Treatment Decisions  HTML  / PDF
EC1569 Grasshopper Identification Guide for Cropland Grasshoppers - Summer Feeding Species  PDF
EC1568 Grasshopper Identification Guide for Rangeland and Pasture - Summer Feeding Species  PDF
EC1567 Grasshopper Identification Guide for Rangeland Grasshoppers - Fall/Spring Feeding Species  PDF
EB3 Grasshoppers of Nebraska  PDF
G1923 Hessian Fly on Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G1180 Horn Fly Control on Cattle  PDF
G950 Horse Insect Control Guide  HTML  / PDF
G958 House Fly Control Guide  HTML  / PDF
G1647 How to Select a Pest Control Company  HTML  / PDF
G2225 How to Set Up and Conduct a Honey Bee Swarm Biology Demonstration  HTML  / PDF
EC1570 Identification of Structure-Invading Ants in Nebraska  PDF
G2066 Insecticide Mode of Action Classification for Nebraska Field Crops  HTML  / PDF
EC1266 Integrated Pest Management for Landscapes  PDF
EC1780 Lady Beetles of Nebraska  PDF
G1523 Low Toxic Cockroach Control  HTML  / PDF
G838 Management of Greenbugs in Sorghum  HTML  / PDF
G1959 Managing Ants on Golf Courses  HTML  / PDF
Z1583 Managing Bed Bugs  HTML
EC1583 Managing Bed Bugs  HTML  / PDF
G2259 Managing Soybean Defoliators  HTML  / PDF
EC1586 Potato/Tomato Psyllid Pest Profile — Psyllid Identification and Characteristics  PDF
G2037 Residential Mosquito Control  HTML  / PDF
G1783 Second Generation European Corn Borer Scouting and Treatment Decisions  HTML  / PDF
EC1584 Second Generation European Corn Borer Scouting Spreadsheet  HTML
G2063 Soybean Aphid Management in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
EC1582 Soybean Aphid Speed Scouting Spreadsheet  HTML
EC1575 Soybean Insect II  PDF
EC1574 Soybean Insects I  PDF
G2082 Soybean Stem Borers in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2164 Spring Millers  HTML  / PDF
G1447 Stinging Wasps and Bees  HTML  / PDF
G1204 The Face Fly  PDF
G2113 The Potato/Tomato Psyllid  HTML  / PDF
G2236 The Spotted Wing Drosophila, An Invasive, Small Fruit Fly in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2013 Western Bean Cutworm in Corn and Dry Beans  HTML  / PDF
EC1585 Western Bean Cutworm Speed Scouting Spreadsheet  HTML

EC776 Advantages and Disadvantages of Subsurface Drip Irrigation  PDF
EC718 Agricultural Sprayer Automatic Section Control (ASC) Systems  PDF
EC778 Application of Liquid Animal Manures Using Center Pivot Irrigation Systems  PDF
G1712 Application Uniformity of In-Canopy Sprinklers  HTML  / PDF
G1124 Converting Center Pivot Sprinkler Packages: System Considerations  HTML  / PDF
EC2007 Corn Irrigation Management Under Water-Limiting Conditions  PDF
G1739 Drip Irrigation Design and Management Considerations for Windbreaks  HTML  / PDF
G1720 Firming Irrigation Furrows to Improve Irrigation Performance  HTML  / PDF
G888 Flow Control Devices for Center Pivot Irrigation Systems  HTML  / PDF
G1870 Fundamentals of Surge Irrigation  HTML  / PDF
EC732 Irrigation Efficiency and Uniformity, and Crop Water Use Efficiency  PDF
G1778 Irrigation Management and Crop Characteristics of Alfalfa  HTML  / PDF
EC709 Irrigation Scheduling: Checkbook Method  PDF
G1721 Management Recommendations for Blocked-end Furrow Irrigation  HTML  / PDF
G1338 Managing Furrow Irrigation Systems  HTML  / PDF
G1851 Minimum Center Pivot Design Capacities in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1867 Nebraska Surge Irrigation Trials  HTML  / PDF
G1904 Plant Growth and Yield as Affected by Wet Soil Conditions Due to Flooding or Over-Irrigation  HTML  / PDF
G1871 Predicting the Last Irrigation of the Season  HTML  / PDF
EC783 Principles and Operational Characteristics of Watermark Granular Matrix Sensor to Measure Soil Water Status and its Practical Applications for Irrigation Management in various Soil Textures  PDF
G1869 Surge Irrigation Field Layouts  HTML  / PDF
G1868 Surge Irrigation Management  HTML  / PDF
G2000 Tillage and Crop Residue Affect Irrigation Requirements  HTML  / PDF
G1579 Using Modified Atmometers (ETgage) for Irrigation Management  HTML  / PDF
G1866 Using Polyacrylamide to Reduce Soil Erosion  HTML  / PDF
G1426 Using Ultrasonic Flow Meters in Irrigation Applications  HTML  / PDF
EC2000 Variable Rate Application of Irrigation Water with Center Pivots  PDF
G1328 Water Loss from Above-Canopy and In-Canopy Sprinklers  HTML  / PDF
EC782 Water Quality Criteria for Irrigation  PDF

G1774 Annuals for Nebraska Landscapes I: Flowering Plants  HTML  / PDF
G1775 Annuals for Nebraska Landscapes II: Foliage, Grasses, Fruit and Vines  HTML  / PDF
G1752 Blossom End Rot in Tomatoes  HTML  / PDF
G2178 Buffalograss Management Calendar  HTML  / PDF
G1183 Butterfly Gardening  HTML  / PDF
EC1272 Classification and Naming of Plants  PDF
G1861 Clematis  HTML  / PDF
G2246 Cold Frames, High Tunnels, and Greenhouses: Choose a Growing Structure Best for You  HTML  / PDF
G1718 Coldframes and Hotbeds  HTML  / PDF
G2256 Creating a Solitary Bee Hotel  PDF
G1741 Culture of Iris  HTML  / PDF
G1745 Early Season Extension Using Hotcaps  HTML  / PDF
G1905 Eggplant  HTML  / PDF
G1946 Establishing Buffalograss Turf in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1343 Fall Vegetable Gardening  HTML  / PDF
G1941 Fertilizer Use in Home Landscapes  HTML  / PDF
G945 Fertilizers for Vegetables in Home Gardens  HTML  / PDF
G1711 Garden Chrysanthemums  HTML  / PDF
G2222 Garden Compost  HTML  / PDF
G1879 Garden Peppers  HTML  / PDF
EC1258 Garden Terms: Plant Classification  PDF
EC1257 Garden Terms: Reproductive Plant Morphology — Seeds, Flowers, and Fruits  PDF
EC1259 Garden Terms: Vegetative plant morphology - Stems, Leaves, and Roots  PDF
G2221 Garlic Production in the Home Garden  HTML  / PDF
G1895 General and Specialty Mail-Order Seed Sources  HTML  / PDF
G1755 Growing Seedless (Tripoid) Watermelons  HTML  / PDF
G2205 Guide to Growing Houseplants  HTML  / PDF
G837 Guide to Selecting Houseplants  HTML  / PDF
EC1254 Home Landscape: Understanding the Basics of Landscape Design  HTML
G1683 Hostas  HTML  / PDF
DVD255 How to Grow Tomatoes $8.45  HTML
EC1265 Identifying Landscape Plants  PDF
EC1557 Integrated Turfgrass Management for the Northern Great Plains  HTML
EC1588 Introduction to Entomology  PDF
EC1273 Introduction to Plant Diseases  PDF
G517 Kentucky Bluegrass Management Calendar  HTML  / PDF
G1405 Landscape Sustainability  HTML  / PDF
G1860 Lilacs  HTML  / PDF
G1947 Management of Buffalograss Turf in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
EC1269 Managing Turf and Landscape Weeds  PDF
EC1274 Mulching the Landscape  PDF
EC1261 Nebraska Bioretention and Rain Garden Plants Guide  HTML
G1691 Ornamental Grasses for Nebraska Landscapes  HTML  / PDF
G1214 Perennials in Water-Wise Landscapes  HTML  / PDF
EC1271 Pesticide Safety in Landscapes  PDF
EC1268 Plant Growth Processes: Transpiration, Photosynthesis, and Respiration  PDF
EC1275 Plant Nutrients and Soil Fertility  PDF
EC1264 Planting the Landscape  PDF
G1853 Propagating House Plants  HTML  / PDF
EC1267 Properties of Landscape Soils  PDF
EC1276 Protecting Landscape Plants  PDF
G1896 Selected Vegetable Cultivars for Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1617 Selecting a Lawn Care Company  HTML  / PDF
G1864 Selecting Tomatoes for the Home Garden  HTML  / PDF
G1742 Spring Flowering Bulbs  HTML  / PDF
G2148 Stormwater Management: Rainwater Harvesting in Residential-Scale Landscapes  HTML  / PDF
G558 Tall Fescue Management Calendar  HTML  / PDF
G1650 Tomatoes in the Home Garden  HTML  / PDF
G2111 Tree Hazard Awareness  HTML  / PDF
G1747 Trees in the Home Landscape  HTML  / PDF
G1953 Understanding the Seed Packet  HTML  / PDF
G2090 Vegetable Garden Seed Storage and Germination Requirements  HTML  / PDF
G1954 Vegetables as Ornamentals  HTML  / PDF
EC302 Water Wise: Tree Selection and Tree Care  PDF
G2189 Water Wise: Vegetable and Fruit Production  HTML  / PDF
G1944 Weights and Measures Guidelines for Sales at Farmers' Markets, Roadside Stands and Other Commercial Outlets  HTML  / PDF
G1746 What is Quality ... In a Tomato?  HTML  / PDF
G2089 When to Harvest Fruits and Vegetables  HTML  / PDF
G1074 Wildflowers for the Home Landscape: Perennials for Sunny Sites  HTML  / PDF
G1121 Winter Deicing Agents for the Homeowner  HTML  / PDF

G1770 Cleaning Pesticide Application Equipment  HTML  / PDF
EC2508 Fumigating Farm-stored Grain with Aluminum Phosphide  PDF
G2083 Maintaining and Fit Testing Cartridge Respirators for Pesticide Applications  HTML  / PDF
G2038 Managing Pesticide Spills  HTML  / PDF
EC2505 Managing the Risk of Pesticide Poisoning and Understanding the Signs and Symptoms  PDF
G2033 Nebraska Pesticide Container and Secondary Containment Rules  HTML  / PDF
G479 Pesticide Laws and Regulations  HTML  / PDF
G1961 Pesticide Safety: Choosing the Right Gloves  PDF
G1893 Pesticides and the Endangered Species Protection Program  HTML  / PDF
G2179 Protecting Pesticide Sensitive Crops  HTML  / PDF
G2260 Protecting Your Cats and Dogs from Pesticide Poisoning  PDF
G758 Protective Clothing and Equipment for Pesticide Applicators  HTML  / PDF
G1982 Reducing Pesticide Use in Sensitive Environments  HTML  / PDF
G1736 Rinsing Pesticide Containers  HTML  / PDF
EC2507 Safe Transport, Storage and Disposal of Pesticides  PDF
G1773 Spray Drift of Pesticides  HTML  / PDF
G1955 Understanding the Pesticide Label  HTML  / PDF
G1219 Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides  HTML  / PDF

EC1866 Abiotic Diseases of Dry Beans  PDF
G2045 Abiotic Diseases of Sugarbeets in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2081 Alfalfa Anthracnose  HTML  / PDF
G2080 Alfalfa Crown and Root Rots and Stand Longevity  HTML  / PDF
G1918 Anthracnose of Turfgrass  HTML  / PDF
G1922 Apple Scab  HTML  / PDF
G1676 Ascochyta Blight of Chickpeas in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1917 Ascochyta Leaf Blight of Turf  HTML  / PDF
G1942 Ash Rust  HTML  / PDF
G1957 Bacterial Brown Spot of Dry Beans in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2058 Bacterial Diseases of Soybean  HTML  / PDF
G2023 Bacterial Wilt of Cucurbits  HTML  / PDF
G1562 Bacterial Wilt of Dry Beans in Western Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1823 Barley Yellow Dwarf of Wheat, Barley, and Oats  HTML  / PDF
G1672 Black Chaff of Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G1060 Black Spot of Roses  HTML  / PDF
G1909 Brown Patch Disease of Turfgrass  HTML  / PDF
G1965 Brown Rot on Apricots and Other Stone Fruits  HTML  / PDF
G2059 Brown Spot of Soybean  HTML  / PDF
G1907 Cedar-apple and Related Rusts of Apple and Ornamentals  PDF
G1753 Cercospora Leaf Spot of Sugar Beet  HTML  / PDF
G1956 Common Bacterial Blight of Dry Beans in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1998 Common Root Rot and Fusarium Foot Rot of Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G1940 Common Scab of Potatoes  HTML  / PDF
EC1270 Common Signs and Symptoms of Unhealthy Plants  PDF
EC1898 Common Stalk Rot Diseases of Corn  PDF
EC1901 Corn Disease Profile III: Ear Rot Diseases and Grain Molds  PDF
EC1867 Corn Disease Profiles I  PDF
EC1868 Corn Disease Profiles II  PDF
EC1872 Distinguishing Between Head Disorders of Wheat  PDF
G1910 Dollar Spot Disease in Turfgrass  HTML  / PDF
G2070 Dothistroma Needle Blight of Pine  HTML  / PDF
G2075 Downy Mildew of Sunflower in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
EC1876 Dry Bean Disease Profiles I  PDF
EC1877 Dry Bean Disease Profiles II  PDF
EC1880 Ergot of Small Grain Cereals and Grasses and its Health Effects on Humans and Livestock  PDF
G1979 Foliar Diseases of Winter Wheat: Managing Fungicide Options  HTML  / PDF
G1862 Foliar Fungicide Use in Soybean  HTML  / PDF
G2213 Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean  HTML  / PDF
EC1874 Fungal Diseases Affecting Grain and Seed Quality in Wheat  PDF
EC1896 Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat  PDF
G1843 Fusarium Yellows and Fusarium Root Rot  HTML  / PDF
G1675 Goss's Bacterial Wilt and Leaf Blight of Corn  HTML  / PDF
G1902 Gray Leaf Spot of Corn  HTML  / PDF
G1916 Gray Leaf Spot of Turf  HTML  / PDF
G1958 Halo Blight of Dry Beans in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2258 Impatiens Downy Mildew  PDF
EC1864 Leaf and Fruit Diseases of Tomatoes  PDF
G1915 Leaf Spot and Melting Out of Turf  HTML  / PDF
G1978 Loose Smut and Common Bunt of Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G2181 Major Fusarium Diseases on Corn, Wheat, and Soybeans in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1785 Management of Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot of Soybeans  HTML  / PDF
G1671 Management of Residue-Borne Diseases of Wheat  HTML  / PDF
EC1871 Managing Wheat Streak Mosaic  PDF
G1914 Mushrooms, Fairy Rings, and Other Nuisance Fungi in the Landscape  HTML  / PDF
G1913 Necrotic Ring Spot and Summer Patch Diseases in Turfgrass  HTML  / PDF
EC1908 Nematodes of Nebraska Field Crops  PDF
EC1895 Pesticide Selection Guide for Plant Diseases Affecting Woody Ornamentals and Herbaceous Perennials in Nebraska  PDF
G2078 Phytophthora Root Rot of Alfalfa  HTML  / PDF
G1899 Pine Wilt in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1911 Powdery Mildew Disease in Turfgrass  HTML  / PDF
G1997 Powdery Mildew of Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G2021 Powdery Mildew on Landscape Plants  HTML  / PDF
G1912 Pythium Blight of Turfgrass  HTML  / PDF
G1841 Rhizoctonia Root and Crown Rot of Sugar Beet  HTML  / PDF
G1842 Rhizomania of Sugar Beet  HTML  / PDF
G1677 Rhizopus Head Rot of Sunflower in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1097 Root and Crown Rot — Winterkill Complex of Winter Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G1680 Rust Diseases of Corn in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2180 Rust Diseases of Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G1766 Rust of Dry Bean  HTML  / PDF
G1995 Rust of Sunflower in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1854 Safe Use of Foliar Fungicides to Manage Crop Diseases  HTML  / PDF
G1515 Sampling and Analyzing Feed for Fungal (Mold) Toxins (Mycotoxins)  HTML  / PDF
G2107 Sclerotinia Diseases of Sunflower in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1852 Seed Treatment Fungicides for Soybeans  HTML  / PDF
G2223 Smut Diseases of Corn  HTML  / PDF
EC1869 Soilborne Root and Stem Diseases of Dry Beans in Nebraska  PDF
G2062 Soilborne Root Diseases of Chickpeas in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1383 Soybean Cyst Nematode: Identification and Management  HTML  / PDF
EC1903 Soybean Disease Profiles I: Foliar Diseases  PDF
EC1904 Soybean Disease Profiles II  PDF
G1845 Sphaeropsis Tip Blight of Pine  HTML  / PDF
G2079 Spring and Summer Black Stem and Leaf Spot Diseases of Alfalfa  HTML  / PDF
G2243 Sudden Death Syndrome of Soybean  HTML  / PDF
G1906 Sugar Beet Cyst Nematode  HTML  / PDF
EC1897 Sugar Beet Seedling Diseases  PDF
G2224 Sugar Beet Seedling Rust  HTML  / PDF
EC1878 Sugarbeet Disease Profiles I  PDF
EC1879 Sugarbeet Disease Profiles II  PDF
EC1900 Sunflower Disease Profiles I  PDF
EC1902 Sunflower Disease Profiles II  PDF
G429 Tan Spot of Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G1678 The Relationship of Dry Bean and Sugar Beet Pathogens with Common Weeds in Nebraska Production Fields  HTML  / PDF
G1513 Understanding Fungal (Mold) Toxins (Mycotoxins)  HTML  / PDF
G1514 Use of Feed Contaminated with Fungal (Mold) Toxins (Mycotoxins)  HTML  / PDF
G1963 Verticillium Wilt of Sunflowers in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2203 Wet Rots of Potato in Storage  HTML  / PDF
EC1873 Wheat Disease Profiles I  PDF
EC1875 Wheat Disease Profiles II  PDF
G1786 White Mold of Dry Beans  HTML  / PDF
G2112 Zebra Chip Disease of Potatoes in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
EC1905 Zebra Chip Disease Profiles I — Foliar Symptoms  PDF
EC1906 Zebra Chip Disease Profiles II — Tuber Symptoms  PDF

G1670 Cannibalism by Poultry  HTML  / PDF
G1089 Control of Pullorum and Typhoid Through Participation in the National and Nebraska Poultry Improvement Plans  HTML  / PDF
G1724 Egg Cleaning Procedures for the Backyard Flock  HTML  / PDF
EC282 Exhibiting 4-H Poultry  PDF

EC120 Certified Perennial Grass Varieties Recommended for Nebraska  PDF
EC170 Common Grasses of Nebraska: Prairies, Rangelands, Pasturelands  HTML
EC121 Conducting a Prescribed Burn and Prescribed Burning Checklist  PDF
G2184 Cyanide Poisoning  HTML  / PDF
G1705 Establishing Dryland Forage Grasses  HTML  / PDF
G1977 Fertilizing Grass Pastures and Hayland  HTML  / PDF
G2012 Forage Production with Limited Irrigation  HTML  / PDF
EC118 Forbs and Shrubs of Nebraska  HTML
G2212 Getting to Know Your Pastures: Techniques to Enhance Monitoring  HTML  / PDF
EC148 Grassland Management with Prescribed Fire  PDF
G2030 Grazing Alfalfa  HTML  / PDF
EC165 Grazing and Hay Records: Spreadsheet Template  PDF
EC127 Grazing Systems for Nebraska Sandhills Rangeland  PDF
EC185 Grazing Winter Wheat in Nebraska  PDF
G2155 Importance of Structure for Game Bird Production  HTML  / PDF
EC186 Integrated Management of Eastern Redcedar  PDF
EC158 Integrating Management Objectives and Grazing Strategies on Semiarid Rangeland $2.00  PDF
G2086 Managing Soapweed Yucca  HTML  / PDF
G1502 Perennial Forages for Irrigated Pasture  HTML  / PDF
EC150 Range Judging Handbook and Contest Guide for Nebraska  PDF
G1993 Reseeding or Thickening Thin Alfalfa Stands  HTML  / PDF
G2247 Seeding Alfalfa  HTML  / PDF
EC153 Selecting Alfalfa Varieties for Nebraska -- 2011  PDF
EC162 Skillful Grazing Management on Semiarid Rangelands $1.00  PDF
G2183 Summer Annual Forage Grasses  HTML  / PDF
G1908 Switchgrass, Big Bluestem, and Indiangrass for Grazing and Hay  HTML  / PDF
G2185 Utilizing Annual Forages with Limited Irrigation for Beef Cattle During and Following Drought  HTML  / PDF
EC821 Water Development Costs for Grazing Livestock  HTML  / PDF
G1616 Windrow Grazing  HTML  / PDF

G1213 Child Care Environment: General Safety Checklist  HTML  / PDF
DVD249 From Moisture and Mold to Healthy Homes - Basics for Consumers $9.00  HTML
DVD250 From Moisture and Mold to Healthy Homes - Basics for Housing Professionals  $9.00  HTML
G2084 Healthy Homes--Managing Combustion Pollutants  HTML  / PDF
G1819 Healthy Homes: Should I Test for Mold  HTML  / PDF
G1832 Identifying Moisture and Mold Sources in Houses  HTML  / PDF
EC461 Indoor Air Hazards Every Homeowner Should Know About... $1.00  HTML
G2069 Indoor Air Quality: Know the Asthma Triggers in the Home  HTML  / PDF
G2087 Medicare Basics  HTML  / PDF
G1748 Methamphetamine: One of America's Greatest Challenges, Part 1  HTML  / PDF
G1749 Methamphetamine: One of America's Greatest Challenges, Part II  HTML  / PDF
G2096 The Dangers of Disordered Eating  HTML  / PDF

RP189 Agricultural Nitrogen Management for Water Quality Protection in the Midwest: a Heartland Regional Water Coordination Publication  PDF
RP187 Agricultural Phosphorus Management and Water Quality Protection in the Midwest: A Heartland Regional Water Coordination Initiative Publication  PDF
G1307 Bioengineering for Hillslope, Streambank, and Lakeshore Erosion Control  HTML  / PDF
EC169 Economic Decision Support Tool on Best Management Practices for Erosion Control  PDF
G2006 Emergency Wind Erosion Control  HTML  / PDF
G1931 Estimating Percent Residue Cover Using the Line-Transect Method  HTML  / PDF
EC143 Fertilizing Winter Wheat  PDF
G1740 Guidelines for Soil Sampling  HTML  / PDF
G1504 Lime Use for Soil Acidity Management  HTML  / PDF
G1503 Management Strategies to Reduce the Rate of Soil Acidification  HTML  / PDF
G896 Management to Minimize and Reduce Soil Compaction  HTML  / PDF
G1564 Manure Incorporation and Crop Residue Cover — Part II: Fine-Tuning the System  HTML  / PDF
G1563 Manure Incorporation and Crop Residue Cover — Part I: Reduction of Cover  HTML  / PDF
G2249 Nitrogen Loss Assessment Tool (N-LAT) for Nebraska: Background and Users Guide  HTML  / PDF
EC155 Nutrient Management for Agronomic Crops in Nebraska  PDF
G1939 Sewage Sludge Utilization for Crop Production  HTML  / PDF
EC168 Slide Rule for Calculating Nitrogen Rates  HTML
G1719 Soil and Water Summaries for 2005 to 2006  HTML  / PDF
G1632 Using a Chlorophyll Meter to Improve N Management  HTML  / PDF
G1537 Wind Erosion And Its Control  HTML  / PDF

EC200 1995 - 2011 Nebraska Swine Reports  PDF
EC219 2011 Nebraska Swine Report  PDF
EC289 Biosecurity of Pigs and Farm Security  PDF
EC287 Hand-Mating Pigs on Small- and Medium-sized Pork Operations (Design and Management Principles)  PDF
EC270 How to Conduct On-Farm Swine Feed Trials  PDF
EC851 Interpretation of the USDA Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report.  PDF
G1744 Livestock Gross Margin for Swine  HTML  / PDF
EC284 Pen-Mating Female Pigs: Problems and Possible Solutions  PDF
G1880 Proper Way to Ear Notch Pigs  HTML  / PDF
EC837 Swine Prices: Historical Patterns and Basis  PDF

G1821 Care of Quilts: Cleaning  HTML  / PDF
G1820 Care of Quilts: Storage and Display  HTML  / PDF

G1370 Abandonment Planning for Earthen Manure Storages, Holding Ponds  HTML  / PDF
G1519 Calculating the Value of Manure for Crop Production  HTML  / PDF
G1962 Carbon Credits From Livestock Production  HTML  / PDF
G1315 Composting Manure and Other Organic Materials  HTML  / PDF
RP192 Emerging Ethanol Industry: Implications of Animal Manure Management  PDF
EC189 Estimating a Whole Farm Nutrient Balance: Spreadsheet Instructions  PDF
EC198 Feed Nutrient Management Planning Economics  PDF
RP190 Impact of Feeding Distillers Grain on Nutrient Management Planning for Beef Cattle Systems  PDF
RP194 Impact of Feeding Distillers Grains on Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning for Poultry Layer Production Systems  PDF
RP193 Impact of Feeding Distillers Grains on Nutrient Management Planning on Dairy Farms  PDF
RP191 Impact of Feeding Dry Distillers Grains on Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans for Swine  PDF
EC719 Managing Earthen Manure Storage Basins During Drought  PDF
EC179 Managing Livestock Manure to Protect Environmental Quality  PDF
EC190 Manure Nutrient and Land Requirement Estimator: Spreadsheet Instructions  PDF
G1450 Manure Testing for Nutrient Content  HTML  / PDF
G1780 Manure Testing: What to Request  HTML  / PDF
EC191 Manure Use Plan for Nebraska: Spreadsheet Instructions  PDF
G1441 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Lagoon Design and Construction  HTML  / PDF
G1472 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Conducting a Soil Percolation Test  HTML  / PDF
G1474 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Constructed Wetlands for Effluent Treatment  HTML  / PDF
G1480 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Gravelless Drainfield Systems for Effluent Treatment  HTML  / PDF
G1423 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Lagoon Maintenance  HTML  / PDF
G1475 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Mounds for Effluent Treatment  HTML  / PDF
G1424 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Septic Tank and Drainfield Maintenance  HTML  / PDF
G1473 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Septic Tank Design and Installation  HTML  / PDF
G1473 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Septic Tank Design and Installation  HTML  / PDF
G1469 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Site Evaluation  HTML  / PDF
G1468 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: The Role of Soil  HTML  / PDF
G1479 Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Traditional Drainfield Systems for Effluent Treatment  HTML  / PDF
EC775 Septic System Maintenance: Nebraska Homeowner's Guide  HTML
G1371 Sludge Management for Anaerobic Lagoons and Runoff Holding Ponds  HTML  / PDF
EC195 The Nebraska Phosphorus Index (2012): Background and Users Guide  PDF
RP196 Use of Antibiotics in Animal Production: Environmental Concerns  PDF

G1539 An Introduction to Drinking Water  HTML  / PDF
EC2009 Basic Soil and Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering/Agricultural Water Management and Related Terminology  PDF
G1704 Chloramines Water Disinfection: Omaha Metropolitan Utilities District and Lincoln Water System  HTML  / PDF
G2245 Corn Soil-Water Extraction and Effective Rooting Depth in a Silt-Loam Soil  HTML  / PDF
RP197 Cost-effective Water Quality Protection in the Midwest: a Heartland Regional Water Coordination Publication  PDF
G1471 Decommissioning Water Wells to Protect Water Quality and Human Health  HTML  / PDF
G1489 Drinking Water Treatment: Activated Carbon Filtration  HTML  / PDF
EC703 Drinking Water Treatment: An Overview  PDF
G1496 Drinking Water Treatment: Continuous Chlorination  HTML  / PDF
G1493 Drinking Water Treatment: Distillation  HTML  / PDF
G1494 Drinking Water Treatment: Emergency Procedures  HTML  / PDF
G1490 Drinking Water Treatment: Reverse Osmosis  HTML  / PDF
G1492 Drinking Water Treatment: Sediment Filtration  HTML  / PDF
G1761 Drinking Water Treatment: Shock Chlorination  HTML  / PDF
G1491 Drinking Water Treatment: Water Softening (Ion Exchange)  HTML  / PDF
G1488 Drinking Water Treatment: What You Need to Know When Selecting Water Treatment Equipment  HTML  / PDF
G1552 Drinking Water: Arsenic  HTML  / PDF
G907 Drinking Water: Testing for Quality  HTML  / PDF
G1826 Drinking Water: Bacteria  HTML  / PDF
G1448 Drinking Water: Bottled, Tap and Vended  HTML  / PDF
G1614 Drinking Water: Certified Testing Laboratories in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1360 Drinking Water: Copper  HTML  / PDF
G1376 Drinking Water: Fluoride  HTML  / PDF
G1274 Drinking Water: Hard Water  HTML  / PDF
G1714 Drinking Water: Iron and Manganese  HTML  / PDF
G1333 Drinking Water: Lead  HTML  / PDF
G1784 Drinking Water: Nitrate-Nitrogen  HTML  / PDF
G1536 Drinking Water: Storing an Emergency Supply  HTML  / PDF
G1275 Drinking Water: Sulfur (Sulfate and Hydrogen Sulfide)  HTML  / PDF
G1569 Drinking Water: Uranium  HTML  / PDF
G1558 Installing Your Riparian Buffer: Tree and Grass Planting, Postplanting Care and Maintenance  HTML  / PDF
HEF576 Make Every Drop Count in the Home -- Leader's Guide  PDF
HEF577 Make Every Drop Count in the Home -- Participant Manual  PDF
G1557 Planning Your Riparian Buffer: Design and Plant Selection  HTML  / PDF
G2154 Private Drinking Water Wells: Operation and Maintenance for a Safe Well  HTML  / PDF
G2153 Private Drinking Water Wells: Operation and Maintenance for Mechanical Components  HTML  / PDF
G2149 Private Drinking Water Wells: Planning for Water Use  HTML  / PDF
G2152 Private Drinking Water Wells: The Distribution System  HTML  / PDF
G2151 Private Drinking Water Wells: The Water Well  HTML  / PDF
G2150 Private Drinking Water Wells: Water Sources  HTML  / PDF
G2049 Protecting Private Drinking Water Supplies: An Introduction  HTML  / PDF
G2053 Protecting Private Drinking Water Supplies: Hazardous Materials and Waste Management  HTML  / PDF
G2051 Protecting Private Drinking Water Supplies: Household Wastewater (Sewage) Treatment System Management  HTML  / PDF
G2054 Protecting Private Drinking Water Supplies: Pesticide and Fertilizer Storage and Handling  HTML  / PDF
G2052 Protecting Private Drinking Water Supplies: Runoff Management  HTML  / PDF
G2050 Protecting Private Drinking Water Supplies: Water Well Location, Construction, Condition, and Management  HTML  / PDF
EC730 Protecting Surface Water Quality: Adoption of Agricultural Best Management Practices in the Lower Big Blue River Basin  PDF
EC707 Stormwater Management on Residential Lots  PDF
G2238 Stormwater Management: What Stormwater Is and Why It Is Important  HTML  / PDF
G2186 Stormwater Management: Disconnecting Downspouts and Impervious Surfaces  HTML  / PDF
G2244 Stormwater Management: Green Roof Basics  HTML  / PDF
EC2001 Stormwater Management: How to Make a Rain Barrel  PDF
G1760 Stormwater Management: Installing Rain Gardens in Your Yard  HTML  / PDF
G1859 Stormwater Management: Landscape Water Conservation  PDF
G1844 Stormwater Management: Pesticide Use in the Lawn and Garden  HTML  / PDF
G1759 Stormwater Management: Plant Selection for Rain Gardens in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1758 Stormwater Management: Rain Garden Design for Homeowners  HTML  / PDF
G2220 Stormwater Management: Rainwater Harvesting with Rain Barrels  HTML  / PDF
EC701 Stormwater Management: Terminology  PDF
G1848 Stormwater Management: Water Pollution and Our Own Yards  HTML  / PDF
G1855 Stormwater Management: Yard Waste Management  HTML  / PDF
RP195 Targeting Watershed Management Practices for Water Quality Protection: A Heartland Regional Water Coordination Publication  PDF
G2191 Water Wise: Drought Effects on Turf in the Landscape  HTML  / PDF
G2190 Water Wise: Water Conservation In The Home  HTML  / PDF

EC130 2015 Guide to Weed Management in Nebraska with Insecticide and Fungicide Information $10.00  PDF
G1891 A Quick Test for Herbicide Carryover in the Soil  HTML  / PDF
G1241 Annual Broadleaf Weed Control in Winter Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G1252 Controlling Jointed Goatgrass  HTML  / PDF
G422 Downy Brome Control  HTML  / PDF
EC1278 Herbicide-Resistant Weeds in Nebraska  PDF
EC304 Identification of Winter Annual Weeds  PDF
EC171 Noxious Weeds of Nebraska: Canada Thistle  PDF
EC176 Noxious Weeds of Nebraska: Musk Thistle  PDF
EC172 Noxious Weeds of Nebraska: Plumeless Thistle  PDF
EC164 Noxious Weeds of Nebraska: Saltcedar  PDF
EC173 Noxious Weeds of Nebraska: Spotted and Diffuse Knapweed  PDF
EC166 Noxious Weeds of Nebraska: Common Reed (Phragmites)  PDF
EC174 Noxious Weeds of Nebraska: Leafy Spurge  PDF
G1483 Rye Control in Winter Wheat  HTML  / PDF
G1484 Use of Herbicide Tolerant Crops as Part of an Integrated Weed Management Program  HTML  / PDF
G1900 Weed Control on CRP Acres  HTML  / PDF
G1577 Weed Management in Rainfed Cropping Systems  HTML  / PDF
EC167 Weeds of Nebraska: Russian Olive  PDF

G2003 Backard Wildlife Feeding Birds  HTML  / PDF
G2002 Backyard Wildlife Bird Houses and Shelves  HTML  / PDF
G1571 Backyard Wildlife Planting for Habitat  HTML  / PDF
G1646 Bait Stations for Controlling Rats and Mice  HTML  / PDF
G1575 Bat House Construction and Installation  HTML  / PDF
G1667 Bats in and Around Structures  HTML  / PDF
G1924 Control of Tree Squirrel Damage  HTML  / PDF
G1434 Controlling Beaver Damage  HTML  / PDF
G1105 Controlling House Mice  HTML  / PDF
G1509 Controlling Pocket Gophers in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G1688 Controlling Raccoon and Opossum Damage  HTML  / PDF
G1737 Controlling Rats  HTML  / PDF
G887 Controlling Vole Damage  HTML  / PDF
G1769 Dealing with Skunks  HTML  / PDF
EC1781 Feral Cats and Their Management  PDF
Z1782 Garter Snakes in and Around the Home  HTML
G1572 Landscape Plants for Wildlife  PDF
EC305 Management of Sandhills Rangelands for Greater Prairie-Chickens  PDF
G1822 Managing Deer Damage in Nebraska  HTML  / PDF
G2019 Managing Rabbit Damage  HTML  / PDF
G1538 Moles and Their Control  HTML  / PDF
G2101 Prairie Dogs and Their Control  HTML  / PDF
G2100 Removing Skunk Odor  HTML  / PDF
G1530 Rodent-Proof Construction - Structural  HTML  / PDF
G2017 Rodent-Proof Construction: Drains and Feeding Equipment  HTML  / PDF
EC1783 Selective Bird Feeding: Deterring Nuisance Wildlife from Bird Feeders  PDF
G1964 The Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel: Controlling Damage  HTML  / PDF
G2024 Urban Pest Birds: Controlling Damage  HTML  / PDF
G2035 Using Burrow Builders for Pocket Gopher Control  HTML  / PDF
EC1279 Wildlife Damage Management for Nebraska Master Gardeners  PDF
G1828 Wildlife Encounters and Conflicts: A Nebraska Guide to Finding Assistance  HTML  / PDF
G2173 Zebra Mussels  HTML  / PDF