Cutting Family Insurance Expenses

This guide, one in a series on consumer financial management, helps show how to cut insurance expenses.

Nancy G. Frecks, Extension Educator
Kathy Prochaska-Cue, Extension Family Economist

Insurance is a necessary expense but there are ways to save money. As you read through the following ideas, check any you want to try.

Insurance in General

Caution: Avoid being insurance poor. But do not let your payments stop unless you and your family are: (1) covered for possible health needs, (2) protected for liability if in a car accident, (3) protected with life insurance if you die. Be sure that assets are protected for casualty losses.

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Most people don’t need life insurance until they have dependents. Once you do have dependents, reassess the need for life insurance every five years.

Vehicle Insurance

Property Insurance

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Index: Financial Management
Money Saving Strategies
Issued February 2009

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